P50209 Zinc 7-Pattern Pistol Nozzle
P50209 Zinc 7-Pattern Pistol NozzleP50209 Zinc 7-Pattern Pistol Nozzle_1P50209 Zinc 7-Pattern Pistol Nozzle_2

Zinc 7-Pattern Pistol Nozzle

  • Color: Customized color if meets MOQ
  • Material: Metal body / control knob, plastic
  • Item Dimension:
  • Item Weight:
  • MOQ: 3000 units
  • Package: Card, tag, etc.
  • Place of Origin: China


●Soft dial turret
●Insulated hand grip helps to prevent hot or cold handle
●Shiny Metallic color finish, assorted color
●Water Pattern: Full, Shower, Jet, Flat, Center, Cone, Mist
water pattern - ShowerShowerwater pattern - ConeConewater pattern - FlatFlatwater pattern - CenterCenter
water pattern - JetJetwater pattern - MistMistwater pattern - FullFull